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Thomas Becker

1172 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Steven Vance 1172 days ago
Jort Nijhuis
Steven V jort@vanderveerdesigners.nl
Electric trailer!
Industrial designer for Van der Veer designers has worked with Gazelle. 
Working with Delft and PostNL to create a prototype of the electric trailer. 
PostNL tried these other vehicles and they either didn’t have enough volume or sufficient maneuverability. Jort looked at supply chain process. Everything is being transported in roll cages (1 cubic meter and 100 kg). 
Why make the trailer? The cyclist can transport his own weight, while the trailer can transport its own weight. The trailer is "multi modal". The "engine" (cyclist) can be delivered three trailers from the distribution center and not have to return to the distribution center every time the trailer is empty. This is one of the bigger inefficiencies. 
Looking for investors. 
250 watts e-motor regulation: you need more than 250 watts to go up the hill. In Sweden, when you attach the trailer to the bike, the whole setup is the bike. E-trailers are not yet regulated in NL. 
How do you charge electricity? (I don't recall the answer)
Why trailer and not bike? The benefit of using a trailer instead of the bike was something about lateral forces and strength of the bike as well as the universality of which bike you can use. Jort also mentioned the very small turning radius. 

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